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The Fisherman's Handbook

Nature - 1936

Little Abu: spinning lure with scale finish; Charles Garcia & Co., Inc. Little Ben: 1/ 12 oz. trout and bass spinning lures; Poulsen Bros. Little Butch: surface lure; York Baits. Little Chief: spinner; Erwin Weller Co. Little Cleo Wigl-Lure: spinning lures ...

216 pages

The Catch, Families, Fishing, and Faith

Creator: William J. Vande Kopple | Fiction - 2004

He had the hook of a half-ounce Little Cleo spoon in his nose, about half an inch up on the left side. ... headed toward the steps, the lure, hanging down along the side of his mouth, clearly fulfilled the promise of its nickname: the "Wigl" lure.

Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company

About this book
"The Catch" constitutes a memoir of William VandeKopple's introduction to fishing as a child and of his experiences as a youngfather trying to get his three sons to love fishing and be successful at it. But onother, more significant levels, the pieces address interesting phenomena innature, some of the geography of Michigan and Iowa, quirks of personalpsychology, strains in family relationships, and especially grapplings withspiritual matters -- such as the roles in the universe of grace and play, of freedom and law, and of human and divine control.

193 pages

North Shore, A Four-Season Guide to Minnesota's Favorite Destination

Creator: Perich | Travel - 2003-09-27

Sometimes they still-fish with spawn sacks, nightcrawlers, wig- glers, or dead smelt. ... salmon species, but a casual angler, casting a Rapala, Little Cleo, Krocodile, or Roostertail, stands a chance of catching something. ... When fishing the lower reaches of North Shore streams, you cannot use treble hooks — even on lures.

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

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